They say travel teaches us that people are the same wherever you go.  But I love learning  how we're all different.  How cultures and customs evolved, how environment shapes a society, how a few hours on a plane can take you to a place so unfamiliar that you can't help but wonder why it is so.


I met someone on a recent trip and wanted to stay in contact with him. Naturally, this meant following him on Instagram or friending him on Facebook, or both. He said he was more active on Facebook, so I located his profile page there. Almost immediately, I was excited to see that we had a […]



Have you ever gone on a perfectly amazing trip, then had such a frustrating experience returning home that those amazing vibes are fully extinguished by the time your suitcase has been shoved across the threshold of your front door as you collapse in exhaustion, barely managing to brush your teeth before passing out in your […]